Data Service

The GOMOS products provided are based on ESA L2 GOMOS processing (software version IPF 5.0). L2 processing retrieves O₃, NO₂, NO₃, and aerosol extinction profiles using spectral inversion. Level 3 climatologies are collected using 10 degree altitude grid, 1 km vertical grid and using median values (for details, see Kyrölä et al., 2006).

OMI VFD (Very Fast Delivery)
The OMI very fast delivery pages offer near real time satellite measurements over the Northern Hemisphere. The images come available about 15 min after the satellite overpass. From these pages you will find the latest observations of O₃, SO₂, clouds, UV index, UV daily dose and aerosols as individual and composite images.

O3M SAF (Satellite Application Facilities)
O3M SAF produces near real-time (NRT) data products including total/tropospheric O₃ and NO, O₃ profiles and clear-sky ultraviolet fields. NRT products are available to users in three hours from sensing.