About Us

Important note: Year 2018 started with major organisational changes at the FMI. Particularly, part of the Atmospheric Remote Sensing group was separated to form a new group: Greenhouse Gases and Satellite Methods. Following these changes, these websites will be renewed during spring 2018.

The Atmospheric Remote Sensing group participates in several satellite instrument projects that address the atmospheric composition and dynamics. In addition to the data, also several models are being developed and utilized to improve our understanding of the atmopsheric processes, especially in the polar regions.

IKA group
Atmospheric Remote Sensing group at the FMI: Janne Hakkarainen (left), Niilo Kalakoski, Hannakaisa Lindqvist, Otto Lamminpää, Johanna Tamminen (group head), Anu Kauppi, Jukka Kujanpää, Anu-Maija Sundström, Viktoria Sofieva, Seppo Hassinen, Ella Kivimäki, Iolanda Ialongo and Pekka Verronen. Missing from the photo: Erkki Kyrölä, Monika Andersson, Jari Hovila and Sanna-Mari Päivärinta.

Specific research topics include

  • the remote sensing of the atmospheric chemistry for supporting air quality and climate research
  • role of the middle atmopshere in a changing climate
  • impact of energetic particles in the middle atmosphere (see more information about the CHAMOS team)
  • stratospheric ozone, gravity waves and turbulence in the middle atmosphere
  • new mathematical and statistical methods are developed to solve the inverse problems associated with the indirect satellite measurements

See more information about the research of the group here.

The group has the overall responsibility of the Finnish products of the Dutch-Finnish Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on-board NASA's EOS-Aura satellite. The group also hosts the OMI co-Principal Investigator position.

The group leads the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Atmospheric Chemistry Monitoring (AC SAF, former O3M SAF).

The group participates in the Envisat/GOMOS Quality Working Group work and is a member of the Odin Science Advisory Group.